“It is nearly 2017. So why are video-calls still so rubbish?”

From: TeamTalk
Published: Fri Nov 18 2016

This is the question that we asked every Friday afternoon, whilst trying to have a remote team huddle working on one of our projects: live-video personal trainers/pilates for group classes and 1on1 training.

Laggy picture, grainy audio and clunky call process is what Friday afternoons had become. So much so that one afternoon we scrapped the call and got our developer to copy the video-code we use for our fitness app. so to use that for our video calls instead.

So a couple of months ago we threw this crude, messy website weÂ’d created over to a few start-up pals and freelance buddies we know to give them another option for their video-calls. Kind-of surprisingly... it wasn't crap.

Now we’ve got a fully operational, free, mega-efficiency tool for video-calls. 

Audio-record/playback, interactive checklists, efficiency-timers. Everything we test, iterate and discard relies on what makes a video-call quick, reliable, and basically doesn’t waste your time.

It's a small operation, we've got about 50 people joining us a day, and our humble mission is to be the first free, non-crap video-call software this millennia. Give it a try and see what you think at teamtalk.io.
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