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From: PinkMirror
Published: Thu Oct 19 2017

As everyone jumps on the digital media bandwagon, beauty, personality, and self-image become the central idea of billions of people’s lives around the world. With social media offering platform for communication in both personal and professional front, self-expression has become a prominent factor not only on a verbal level but also on beauty and personality level too. Consequentially, people are applying various methods and means to beautify their image for their social media profile to look acceptable and pleasant.

In this context, photo retouching service has taken center stage, gone are those days when photo retouching was taking place in backroom but in recent times people are retouching their images right on their desktops and mobile phones, thanks to advanced technology which has made a big difference in the way we perceive the world.
Advantages -of Image Retouching:
People take drastic measures to beautify their face and in the process, they end up spending a considerable amount of money and time which often backfires, for instance, people use chemicals and cosmetics which are not only difficult in terms of their application but also these products pose serious threat to skin, moreover, adverse effect of chemicals can lead to acne, pimples, and other skin ailments, paradoxically image retouching is rather easier and safer option to transform overall look and texture of your face.
Pinkmirror is one of the leading services provider specialized in retouching portraits; our specially designed software provides user-friendly, easy and quick ways of transforming an otherwise dull photo into a master piece. Considering the technological limitation of general web users, our software is specially designed for convenient usage.
Retouching Features - of Pinkmirror
Spot Removal: Dark marks, scars and other marks are easily removed by our online tool
Wrinkle Reduction: Frown lines, Crow’s feet, and wrinkles will be disappeared in a single click making you look youthful.
Face Smiling: As the maxim says "Smile is the best ornament" Pinkmirror is designed to cut away fats from your face, ultimately endowing you with an ever beautiful smile.
Nose Shaping: People spend a lot of money on plastic surgery to shape their nose. However, with our online software shaping of the nose is quick and easy without having to go through the complex process of nose surgery which is often complicated.
Teeth Whitening: Coffee and tea stains on your teeth can ruin an otherwise beautiful photograph, with our portrait retouching tool; those stains are removed without leaving the slightest hint of it
Red Eye Removal: You took a perfect smiling picture and suddenly you realized the red glowing eye ruining the picture perfect portrait, our online tool will remove it with easy, moreover, our intuitive software automatically detects whenever there is a requirement of red-eye removal.
Opt for Best Online Photo Editing Service and Discover a New You:
At one search Google can throw more than 2300000 results of Portrait Retouch services which are available online, however, choosing the right service remains as the determining factor in creating perfect portrait. Trust Pinkmirror’s vast experience in human beautification and transform your social image.

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