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From: data8 Ltd
Published: Tue Jun 22 2010

There is nothing worse than spending ages completing your details before you can make a purchase, either on line or over the phone. You have made your choice and you then tend to look for only the ‘mandatory’ fields to complete so you can rush through the checkout. However there are applications that will help customers complete their details quickly and accurately, whether it is by phone or on a website.

Vendors can miss crucial information about their buyer. If you can make getting the ‘hard’ information such as name, address, postcode, telephone and email details as painless as possible, the more likely your purchaser will complete the ‘softer’ information e.g. company size, number of employees etc. The worse scenario is where the potential customer abandons their shopping cart and a sale is lost as they feel the sale’s journey is too long.

In addition, if you make it easier for your call centre or website to deal with the sales enquiry the more accurate the information will be recorded.

data8's Apps, are now available that will help by speeding up and improving the real time data capture. These applications are cloud based, easy to install some without any programming required, ready to drag and drop into your ASP.NET web applications.

Examples are -
• Input the address using just the postcode and building number saves time and ensures that the address is the official post office delivery point. Reducing key stokes by 80% and improving accuracy.
• Confirm the email is valid, one of the most important means of communication a quick check in real time ensures any input errors can be corrected immediately.
• Confirm telephone number is valid again in real time ensuring any miss keying is immediately identified and corrected.
• Geographical Apps such as ‘find my nearest’ are easily set up using postcode information. The customer puts in their postcode and this is matched against the postcodes of your branches, the nearest can then easily be determined and the customer informed.

In summary, if the initial data capture is accurate and complete, the costs to maintain the data is minimised, a more complete picture of customers emerge and companies can start to trust their data.


About data8:
Data8 Ltd is the premier data enrichment specialist, ensuring customers completely trust their data.
Customers access data8’s Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud based application to complete online data cleansing, this is backed by a bureau service and an unrivalled integration package which allows companies to quickly validate their data.
Data8 believes that data needs to be at the core of any business in order to inform, direct and develop growth, this can only be done with clean accurate data.

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