3 Outstanding Benefits of Having Outsourced NOC Support in India

From: Flightcase IT Services P Ltd
Published: Thu Nov 03 2016

Today’s business landscape has turned digital. NOC or Network Operations Center is a facility that every business needs irrespective of its scale of operation. No matter which industry your company operates in, you will sense the pressing need to have all your digital devices networked together forming the backbone of your business. NOC is the function that keeps your business running efficiently by ensuring smooth and stress-free IT and networking.
Cost is a huge driving factor. Having NOC support in India is a cost-effective route to employ outsourced experts than to hire a full time in-house team. Moreover, there is no dearth of skilled professionals in India who are available for work at comparatively much lower packages. While NOC is a critical requirement for your business, having it outsourced to India has its own rewards. Here are the three biggest advantages you can have by opting for NOC support in India.

1. Save costs and earn high ROI:

There has always been a debate between doing things in-house and outsourcing those to a service provider. Outsourcing usually gains an upper hand when it comes to cost saving. With multitudes of operation related tasks that a business has to undertake, companies have openly taken outsourcing route to undo work load, gain efficiencies, save costs and have more resources for its own revenue-generating projects.
The cost of labor in India is comparatively lower than most developed and developing nations. By outsourcing your NOC support to India you significantly reduce the per hour cost of support provided. Also, you do not have to pay for over-time for it is not your own staff and is taken care of by the service provider. Even you do not have to bear the costly escalation support in the cases where your in-house team is not able to resolve an issue.

2. Access to a pool of talented IT professionals:

You get access to a team of experienced engineers and diversified skill sets when you outsource to a NOC service provider in India. Most of the skill set requirements will be met by the service provider who would have a ready team of desktop engineers, server engineers and subject matter experts. Any good NOC has subject matter experts specialized in databases, storage, exchange, servers and backups. There will be no need at your end to hire more techies to manage work.

3. India is the best outsourcing destination for IT and technical work:

We have already gone through the big cost benefits you can draw by outsourcing NOC support to India. Even otherwise India is a great outsourcing destination with abundance of cheap human and other resources. A major part of India’s growing economy is driven by IT sector, which is a giant hub of international IT corporations benefiting from cost-economies, suitable infrastructure and scalability of operations.Accent or language barrier is minimal when working with Indian professionals. Indian economy favors foreign investments and offers a stable political and industrial environment. This is a terrific bonus for international businesses seeking to outsource.
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