Asterisk Service IVR is a custom solution designed specifically for this industry segment to help them drive sales, run campaigns and generate interest.

[UKPRwire, Tue Oct 15 2019] Asterisk Service, a unit of Ecosmob, a well known VoIP technology leader, announced launch of custom IVR solution for media and entertainment companies. “We have reinvented IVR to be a customer oriented, customer-friendly technology rather than act as a barrier between customers and companies. Our IVR solution simplifies interactions, delivers delight and helps media to carry out responsive campaigns on an unprecedented scale,” he claimed. 

“One giant step in this direction is development of visual IVR solution for media and entertainment. Customers can now use visual IVR on their smartphones and jump straightaway to the desired service. This may include subscription, inquiries, billing or download on demand or simply talk to a rep.” 

A further refinement is that the IVR is dynamic. Users may start with a set of tree-branch options and then, depending on survey of responses and behaviors, they may customize it. This dynamic menu level facility greatly helps customers align IVR to customer’s expectations. 

If the IVR is excellent in the area of inbound calls it is no less so when it comes to campaign planning and implementation, especially since Asterisk Service link it to the CRM. Media and entertainment companies must make regular announcements and offers about upcoming events or newly launched series or anything that should reach customer consciousness to elicit a response. With the CRM-IVR in media this becomes easy. It is easy to select specific numbers from the CRM database, plan a campaign and launch SMS broadcast or voice calls to inform and motivate customers. Media companies engaged in advertising campaigns on behalf of their customers can set up accounts and use the IVR as an automated tool for such media blasts. AT the same time, since such messages include a response facility, it becomes personalized should a target respond. It is also easy to analyze key performance across the matrix of IVR voice and SMS campaigns. One can set up a campaign and then follow up reminders and thank you messages as well as updates. From generating leads to serving existing customers, Asterisk Service IVR becomes the first line of outreach and service in a nifty package that can be used on desktops as well as mobiles. 

Not all media and entertainment companies have the same business model or way of working. This is where Asterisk Service is a step ahead of others in offering extreme customization after complete analysis and understanding of a client’s needs. This is followed up by training and full support as and when required. Plus, our rates are the most competitive, he concluded. 

Media and entertainment companies interested in switching over to a custom IVR may get in touch with Asterisk Service on phone 91-79-40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on 


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