Back to the Future – the Norstar Door Entry Phone Increases Security Fast

From: Freestyle Communications Ltd
Published: Thu Sep 30 2010

There’s a new kid on the security block – the Norstar door entry phone, as used by UK based communications success story Freestyle Comms ( Freestyle, whose name rightly suggests an inspired approach to the business of designing and installing comms systems, has given the Norstar system a big boost by flagging it up on the Freestyle web site. Once you’ve read the specs, it isn’t hard to see why.

The Norstar phone, and others like it, is (and are) built for a dual purpose: convenience and enhanced security. The way this door entry phone system works is slightly different from a traditional intercom, which "buzzes" either a simple speaker or a dedicated phone inside (i.e. a phone that cannot be used to make any calls). The Norstar phone operates from one end like an intercom (so the person attempting to gain entry to the building in which the phone system has been installed still talks through a press button mike panel) – but at the other end, it’s plugged into a proper phone line and can be diverted to any nominated phone in the building.

That makes the door entry phone flexible (it can be routed to whoever is in), cost effective (it can be piggybacked onto an existing phone line rather than installed as a totally separate entity) and of course very easy to use. The nominated phone can be used to key in a code or hit a simple pad, which lets the person using the buzzer in: so whoever ends up on the end of the routing system is able to approve or reject potential visitors without leaving their desk.

With two choices of trim and finish to pick between, the company using the Norstar system is guaranteed total security, convenience and style. To know more about Freestyle’s door entry phone, visit

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