Phonerecyclebank Becomes Authorised WEEE Treatment Facility

From: 20:20 Mobile
Published: Fri Feb 05 2010

Phonerecyclebank, a division of 20:20 Mobile, Europe’s leading distributor of mobile phones, has been awarded Authorised WEEE Treatment Facility status for the handling of old mobile phones.

The award means that Phonerecyclebank has had its waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) handling processes authorised by the Environment Agency and undertakes treatment of waste using best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques (BATRRT).

James Browning, UK Managing Director of 20:20 Mobile said: "20:20 Mobile launched Phonerecyclebank to give consumers confidence in the mobile phone recycling industry. Our appointment as an authorised WEEE treatment facility means that our users not only know that they get best value for their old mobiles but also in the event that we are not able to repair or reuse the handset it will be disposed of correctly in accordance to European regulations."

He continued: "As an Authorised WEEE treatment facility we are ensuring that end of life or beyond repair old mobiles and batteries are recycled correctly reducing landfill and also helping protect the environment. Every year millions of old mobiles are thrown away by consumers without thinking about the damage they could cause. At 20:20 Mobile we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and where possible aim to reduce waste and environmental impact across the business."

Old mobile phones sent to Phonerecylebank are refurbished for reuse either in the UK or overseas or where they are beyond economical repair are broken down for recycling to help save energy and raw materials.


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