Tpad branded Ninja Softphone from Global IP Delivers Clarity in VoIP Communications

From: Tpad Ltd
Published: Mon May 17 2010

VoIP pioneer Tpad, the global phone network company has once again scored a winner for consumers and small businesses with the "Ninja" Softphone. Global IP Telecommunications Ltd. is the provider of "Ninja' Softphone making VoIP the common-sense alternative for everyone. The specially branded Tpad Softphone provides outstanding VoIP / SIP performance and delivers tremendous value for individuals and business customers.

The features of Global IP’s "Ninja" Softphone provide an excellent showcase for Tpad’s service capabilities. Both of these companies are dedicated to delivering superior customer care with advisors on board to provide real-time response to their customer’s requests. And the benefits of Tpad’s global telephony network extend the communication reach of each customer based solely on their specific needs: every service package is tailored to the needs of the individual or business.

Featuring a technology-rich experience as well as clarity in communication reception from a cost-effective platform is the main goal of Tpad. The addition of the Global IP Softphone is the latest boon to join the roster of choices available to Tpad customers. Available in Lite, Private, Pro and Enterprise versions, the branded Tpad "Ninja" Softphone is replete with the features that make communication easier, faster and more efficient.

Starting with the basics, the Tpad Softphone provides callers with professional level audio and video telephony without limitations. For home use, the Private version is fully TAPI compliant and supports video conferencing for 3 participants. The Pro version of Tpad’s Ninja Softphone is ideal for both home and office use. Fully compatible with a wide range of systems, the software integrates easily for maximum interoperability. The Pro (CTI) version offers Computer Telephony Interfaces for MS Outlook, selected hardware devices and protocol handlers, which makes this the smart choice for professionals.

For larger scale operations, the "Ninja Call Enterprise" is a highly configurable telephone application for 6 lines which can be managed centrally by one administrator. The features include all of benefits of the Pro (CTI) version in addition to a recording module for workstations.

The addition of the specially branded Tpad Softphone is in sync with the mission statement of the company. Tpad is committed to providing a complete range of communication solution utilizing VoIP technology with the goal of delivering significant savings with sacrificing quality for consumers and businesses around the world.

About Global IP Telecommunications Ltd: (
Global IP Telecommunications is a leading manufacturer of auto provisioning-capable softphone applications for Voice-over-IP. Global IP Tel. products are being sold worldwide through leading PC-, USB- and headset manufacturers, internet service providers, Telco's as well as international sales partners.

About Tpad (
Tpad, a tier one data provider, is the world’s most progressive supplier of next-generation telephony solutions for consumers and businesses is highly regarded for its innovative approach to expanding communication access. Tpad provides a superior quality global VoIP network, affording users a wide range of VoIP / SIP devices (Soft phones, Dialers, Mobile SIP Clients, Linksys ATAs, IP phones or Wi-Fi mobiles) to make free or low cost calls anywhere in the world with crystal clear voice quality.
A full selection of free SIP / VoIP softphones (Global IP Tel / Xlite / ZoIPer / SJPhone) and daillers can be found here
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