Award Winning Photographer, David Slater to join Aqua-Firma’s Ultimate Arctic Wildlife Sailing Voyag

From: Aqua-Firma
Published: Tue Jul 13 2010

Aqua-Firma is pleased to announce that the Award Winning Wildlife Photographer, David Slater, will be joining our Ultimate Arctic Wildlife Sailing Voyage Around Spitsbergen this August.

David will be eager to assist guests onboard with their own photography and will advise how to get the very best from your camera, however basic or specialised a model it may be. He will always be on hand to offer photographic tips and advice, be that choosing the correct settings or sharing ideas on how to capture the stunning scenery and wildlife of Spitsbergen.

Guests will have daily opportunities to go ashore with David, seek out potential subject material and put into practice what they have already learnt. Each evening onboard, clients will have the chance to join group critique sessions, where photographs will be reviewed, tips can be shared and inspiration for the days ahead can be sought.

Photographic opportunities in the Arctic are endless. Scenery will vary from glaciers calving into the sea, snowy mountains, huge fjords, precipitous cliffs covered in seabirds, summer blooms on the tundra and floating icebergs. The Arctic is also home to some of planet’s most enigmatic wildlife. On our North Spitsbergen Sailing Voyage this July, we were lucky enough to see a total of 17 polar bears; sightings which our clients will remember for a lifetime. Other wildlife you can expect to see include Arctic fox, reindeer, walruses and whales, including, we hope, the ghostly white beluga.

As well as the breathtaking Arctic scenery and its fascinating wildlife, our classic sailing schooner is an inspiring photographic subject herself, with or without her sails set.

Whilst photography is a wonderful addition to this voyage, our main focus will be the discovery of Arctic wildlife and scenery itself. With 16 days of continuous daylight, our August Sailing Around Spitsbergen voyage provides the best opportunities to observe Arctic wildlife.

Our expedition leader is once again Robin Buzza, who has spent the past 30 years living and working in the Arctic wilderness. Robin has a deep knowledge and experience of Arctic wildlife, Arctic cultures and history. Perhaps the most poignant historical link to our forthcoming Arctic Sailing Voyage is that of Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Scott began his explorations with voyages to the Arctic, but he is most renowned for two legendary expeditions to Antarctica onboard the sailing ships Discovery and the Terra Nova. 2010 marks the 100th anniversary of Scott’s fateful Terra Nova expedition to Antarctica. Somewhat by coincidence, the vessel our voyage sets out on is also 100 years old. This stunning schooner has all the charm and elegance of the Discovery and Terra Nova, but the comfort and safety of a modern day craft with an ice strengthened hull built with 13 mm of steel.

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Notes to Editors

1. Aqua-Firma specialises in expert led tailor made and small group
exploration of wilderness and wildlife where land meets water. Their
modes of exploration include inspiring combinations of:

a. Polar sailing and small ship voyages
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This experience is very much part of Aqua-Firma Natural History Sailing
experiences which the company offers in the Arctic, Galapagos and

2. This Around Spitsbergen Sailing Voyage runs from 12th - 27th Aug.
Prices now available at a £360 discount (£2,990 per person) excluding
international flights. Subsidised flights are available on the return

3. Major Photography Awards won by David Slater:

a. British Wildlife Photography Awards 2009 – Overall Runner Up
b. Best of Photojournalism 2009 awarded by the National Press
Photographers Association – Winner
c. Best Nature Photo of 2008 awarded by MSNBC
d. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 1997 – runner up of category
e. International Wildbird Photographer – winner of category.
f. BBC British Nature Photography Awards 1999 – Overall Winner

4. Aqua-Firma is the only travel company to offset the carbon emissions
of its clients' polar voyages, and flights booked through the company
in joining its polar journeys. Aqua-Firma does this via a
Rainforest4Climate programme set up in partnership with Rainforest

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