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Published: Tue Jun 08 2010

Belper based Brian Reaneyís initial thoughts were to go camping again once he retired, and despite the doubts of wife Madge, they went ahead and bought a trailer tent. It was while hunting for parts for this tent that led them quite unexpectedly to consider a motorhome as a more suitable alternative.

Quite by chance, Brian ran into an old work colleague who was driving a camper van. Brian loved it immediately and thought a motorhome would be more suitable than a tent. He really didnít know where to start searching for one, but his colleague put him onto Peak Leisure Vehicles.

Peak Leisure Vehicles of Kirk Langley specialise in the sourcing and supply of superior pre-owned motor homes. A family business managed by motor home enthusiasts Claire and Steve Parsons, much of their work comes from repeat business and word of mouth from satisfied customers like Brian and Madge.

"I had never heard of Peak Leisure Vehicles, even though we live quite close by," admitted Brian. "We went over the same day my friend had recommended them, mainly with an idea of getting something for the tent, when I spotted a camper van in the showroom. It just seemed so ideal, so we bought it on the spot."

Brian and Madge decided if they liked the motorhome life, they would look to replace the camper van with a more modern version and after just six months, they have well and truly caught the motorhome bug and traded up to a larger second vehicle, again courtesy of Peak Leisure Vehicles.

"We didnít like our camper van," explained Brian. "We absolutely loved it! It only took us a few months to decide we would like to trade it back in for something newer and again returned to Peak Leisure Vehicles for help and advice."

Second time around, Brian and Madge plumped for a W registered two berth Auto Sleeper with just 40,000 miles on the clock. "It is truly immaculate inside and out," said Brian. "Itís just exceptional Ė a real belter. Itís so easy to drive Ė it drives just like a new car. Even Madge drives it."

There are many suppliers of Motorhomes around, so other than the initial recommendation, what made Brian and Madge return to Peak Leisure Vehicles a second time? "Claire and Steve at Peak Leisure Vehicles are smashing people, as good as gold." gushed Brian. "I have already recommended them to several friends of ours. They have done everything they said they would do and I cannot fault them. I worked in car sales myself once and believe me; a few dealers could learn more than a thing or two from the service Claire and Steve provide. They are not pushy at all, they gave us all the advice and help we could ever wish for, and I even stop in for a cup of tea every now and then - and to see if anything else in the showroom catches my eye!"

"Itís always nice to get people like Brian and Madge referred to us from other customers and great to hear their kind words about us," commented Peak Leisure Vehicles director Claire Parsons. "Many customers come back to us for their second vehicle, as experience tends to reveal the things you wished you had first time around, but it was a surprise to see Brian again so quickly. Steve and I know he would like a bigger motorhome, but he may need a bigger house first!"

"The truth is I would like a bigger motorhome, but itís getting it parked on our drive thatís the problem!" laughed Brian. "Steve and Claire warned me to check this when we bought the new Autosleeper and even allowed me to drive it home to check it fitted before I bought it Ė thatís typical of how good they are and the kind of service Iím talking about. As it turns out, it fitted just nicely, but Iím glad they gave me the chance to check first, as it only just goes under the eaves."

At time of writing, Brian and Madge are off for their next trip to Somerset in their new Auto Sleeper and canít wait to get started. "Itís fair to say we have fallen in love with the lifestyle and the freedom it gives you, when you can just get away and switch off," said Brian. "No more deadlines, no more watching the clock. We just look in the guide, decide where we would like to try next and we are off on our way, where we want and when we want. Thatís the magic of the motorhome for us."

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