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From: CruiseLineFans
Published: Mon Mar 29 2010

One of the major topics of discussion with host Al McComber was cruise ship safety ( ). In recent weeks, CruiseLineFans have seen a number of reports regarding accidents at sea and sickness on board cruise ships.

As a result, the staff at CruiseLineFans wanted to issue some guidelines on healthy cruising ( ) and staying safe and happy throughout a cruise vacation.

Keep in mind that it's not necessarily the ship that contains the dreaded norovirus. Typically, an infected passenger that embarks on a voyage with other passengers can be linked to the origination of an on-board ship outbreak.

Several quick and easy steps cruise passengers can take to reduce the risk of contracting norovirus include;

1. Wash Hands, Now Wash Hands Again.
2. Use Anti -Microbial Hand Wash Frequently
3. Avoid Sick Passengers
4. Skip Undercooked or Unwashed Food Items
5. Get Some Rest

Additionally, if passengers feel sick or contract an illness such as norovirus, it's crucial to notify the ship's staff ( ) immediately. Not only will the staff assist recovery, but it will also dramatically aid the ship's crew in preventing further spreading of the illness.

The CodeRed Radio Show episode featuring CruiseLineFans also happened to be the Spring Break special, highlighting additional risks in personal security that Spring Breakers sometimes come up against. Cruisers are advised to not over indulge in alcoholic beverages, always keep personal possession of drinks, and never let anyone into the cabin for any reason, other than an approved cabin steward or ship staff member.

Despite the recent national and international media coverage of illness outbreak aboard cruise ships, the overall numbers in 2010 are no higher than any other year in recent past. In fact, the 8 reported so far this year in 2010 is the same number of cases as reported at a similar time of year in 2009, and dramatically less than the 34 outbreaks in 2006 and 21 outbreaks in 2007, as reported by the Center for Disease Control.

Despite recent talk about norovirus and cruise ship vacations ( ), the chances of getting sick remain extremely low. Cruise passengers can remain happy, safe and healthy by following the simple guidelines presented above.

Alex Saint, CEO of CruiseLineFans reminds past, present and future cruise passengers; "While media coverage of recent illness outbreaks aboard cruise ships is at an all-time high, the statistics tell a different story. Cruise passengers can stay healthy and safe by following a few common sense guidelines."

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