Easy Steps to Get Australia PR Visa for an Indian Citizen

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Published: Mon Feb 12 2018

Australia has constantly been a desirable immigration destination for several people in the world. A recent US study report, says that Australia is the fourth best country for immigrants in the world. Indians share a special bond with it, and there is a large Indian community thriving in this land. Every year there is a strong addition to it as several Indians apply for Australia Visas and are effective in finding it. Obtaining permanent residency status in Australia for an Indian citizen has the same technique as for the citizens of other countries. The General Skilled Migration Program of Australia is current owing to it being point based. It reviews the profile of an applicant based on the parameters of his/her language ability, work experience, age and qualification received, etc. With high points, the chances of selection for PR in Australia become restored. How to Apply for Australia PR from India
The following steps are required to process an application in Australian PR as an Indian:

Choose the Right PR Visa
Select the right PR Visa to apply. The popular PR visa categories in Australia are:
o Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
o Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

Find an Occupation Relevant to the Skill in the Occupation List
The government in Australia releases a Skilled Occupation List every year categorizing the requirements where the foreign skilled workers are invited to apply. This list includes the occupations which are in excessive demand across Australia. The list is associated with a specific visa category. It is advised to choose an occupation in the relevant list as per the visa category.

The Required Documents
Collect all the set of documents to apply for the online system of Australia, also known as Skill Select System. As an applicant, the candidates must submit two documents in Expression of Interest in the Skill Select system:
o Skill Assessment Report must accompany it and must be given by an Assessing Authority which is official

When Applying for Subclass 190 Visa Get the State Nomination
Nomination from an Australian state or territory is mandatory because Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa is a state nominated visa. This should be done before you apply for this visa. No nomination from state or sponsorship from the employer is required For Subclass 189 visa.

Submitting Expression of Interest in Skill Select System
Submitting EOI in Skill Select system and obtaining 60 points based on work experience, age, education, language skills, and qualification received is important. In order to obtain an Invitation to Apply for Australia PR visa, scoring high in the immigration points is a must.

Apply for PR Visa on Receipt of ITA
Once an Invitation to Apply for PR visa is received, the next step is filing the application accompanying all the required documents, within 60 days of receiving it. A Police Clearance Certificate has to be acquired to show good character besides a Medical certificate proclaiming fine health. This will confirm the eligibility and the process to obtain PR in Australia will commence henceforth. It is advised that the guidance of a certified migration expert is taken to improve the chances of success and elimination of errors. If you are applying for the Australia PR visa for the first time, seek information and support from a trusted and qualified Consultant.
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