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Published: Tue Jun 01 2010

If you want to explore land of enchanting beauty and culture- India without straining your budget, get in touch with eindiatrips.com. The company offers a range of packages to travel to different parts of this incredible country. You can enjoy traveling to many tourist attractions- from the majestic Himalayas in the north to lovely sand dunes of Rajasthan in west and from exotic and gripping hill states in East to mesmerizing beaches in South. You name a destination and the company plans a trip without any hassles.

You can look forward to meticulous planning of every trip. Not only the popular destinations but also eindiatrips.com helps in planning trips to remote and underdeveloped regions. If you are an adventure lover, eindiatrips.com will leave you spoilt for choice. Trips are designed for small groups so that there can be maximum cultural interaction. You can not only travel to various parts of the lovely land of India but also can actually mingle with natives and know about their culture.

The company offers a reason to rejoice to nature lovers with its eco tourism. You can have a close rendezvous with nature by booking yourself a tour with the company. Enjoy the company of flora and fauna, wildlife by picking a package by the company. If the tailor made plans do not fit in your requirements and budget, you can also get a custom tour designed for you and your family. Log on to the website to find out about latest plans and deals for discovering India at its best.

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