Emtjets welcomes 21 New Aircraft Companies to its 1,600 Global charter Network

Published: Mon Jan 04 2010

EMTJETS, the largest private aircraft, airline and air cargo search engine, providing a global marketplace for brokers and aircraft operators to sell their Charter Flights and Empty Legs. Emtjets expands its marketplace by welcoming new members to its vast network of 1,600 aircraft companies and over 4000+ private aircraft, airliners and cargo aircraft, by adding 21 new aircraft companies to the global operator search engine.

EMTJETS has revolutionized the industry by providing a efficient, cost effective option, with an unprecedented level of service. It has implemented the best technological benefits to facilitate Brokers, Aircraft Operators and above all consumers, whilst offering the best online deals. Emtjets Global Marketplace allows Aircraft Brokers, Operators and individuals to directly access a worldwide charter network, absolutely free.

EMTJETS welcomes 21 new aircraft companies to its 1600+ network: Asheville Jet Charter & Mgmt, Aerovision, Aviators India PVT, ACP Jets, Business Jets, Bell Aviation, Benetar, Delta AirElite, Delta AeroTaxi, Exchequer Leasing, Freebird Airlines, Fly Blue Line, Fly Blink, Infinity Jets, IMD Airways, Image Air Charter, Medel Air, Pentastar Aviation Charter, Phoenix Aviation, Quantum Air Global Aviation, S.C Carpatair, and Universal Jet Aviation.

Emtjets website is virtually a one stop destination for all aircraft brokers, operators and consumers worldwide. The site has earned a reputation of being a reliable resource of aviation information by virtue of its promoter’s credibility in the industry. Adrian R Twibill, Emtjets founder and CEO holds a well known and respected name within the aviation industry. Mr. Twibill believes in attention to detail and personally monitors the operations and overall performance of the Emtjets Global marketplace.

Emtjets has earned a good name for its online Aircraft sales directory to buy or sell used aircrafts worldwide. Their extended aircraft sales directory provides worldwide aircraft buyers or sellers a unique platform to view and buy/sell their aircraft, of any model, size, year and most importantly, to present the aircraft as best they can to a worldwide audience. Emtjets’ provides a more efficient and direct marketplace. Detailed aircraft systems allows potential buyers and sellers deal more confidently with each other. Besides EMTJETS personnel are always available 24/7 to help you finalize the deal or assist you in sourcing the right aircraft for your needs.

The best feature, is the personal accounts each client is supplied with, by linking frequent flyers with its real-time Empty Legs information, Emtjets offers their customers with instant pricing and unlimited access to over 4,000 aircraft availability 24/7. While it is a must-visit site for any aviation professionals, be it brokers, operators, aircraft buyers or sellers, the site explores every aspect of aviation industry and enhances the experence for its members. Emtjets marketplace has no competition within its sector – it is a revolutionary concept.

This association with 21 companies will further extend the facilities for consumers by strengthening the competition among all listed players. Emtjets, the full aviation service provider in the industry, maintains an updated data from all its partners and provides real-time information on availability of 4000+ aircraft.

EMTJETS is set to become world’s largest online marketplace providing information on private jet charter, air charter flights, empty legs or dead head flights to the regular flyer community.

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