The GIVT technological platform, a Polish start-up that aids airline passengers in getting compensation for disrupted flights, has received an NCBiR grant of PLN 11.5 million for the development of the flight forecasting and scoring system. The funds come from the Smart Growth Operational Programme that supports scientific research and advancement of innovative technologies.

[UKPRwire, Sun Nov 11 2018] GIVT, which had applied to the “Fast Track for Small and Medium Enterprises” contest, received the maximum possible number of points for its research and technical resources.

The platform’s system for flight forecasting and scoring will make it easier for passengers to plan their travels, it will make it possible to automatically score disrupted flights in terms of whether they qualify for the compensation, thus allowing passengers to seek claims from airline operators quicker and more effectively.

‘We are working on a unique, AI-based, analytical model for evaluating the circumstances of disrupted flights. It will be independent from the data collected by airlines. By investing in innovative solutions, we are expanding the scale of our operations and setting trends in the development of our industry’ said GIVT Vice-President Jacek Komaracki.

The project is carried out in cooperation with a team of leading scientists from the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw, headed by dr hab. Piotr Sankowski - an outstanding IT expert and scientist, 2018 laureate of the National Science Centre award in science and technology, who specializes is algorithms of market modelling and data analysis. His team is to come up with auction and machine learning algorithms which, once applied by GIVT to business processes, will make it possible to automate and expedite customer services processes to the maximum.

‘Our system will enable us to solve one of the key problems in air traffic – thanks to the use of multiple data sources it will forecast the risk of disturbances and classify their reasons in real time. The technological advancement of our platform will accelerate many processes, streamline customer service and improve the effectiveness of our operations. As a result of the completion of this project it will be possible for us to optimize costs, increase operational efficiency and facilitate the development of new products’ explained Jacek Komaracki.

The first stage of the project will be to build the system for scoring flights and cases of GIVT customers, that is to evaluate whether a given case has a chance of being solved positively for the passengers. The next step will be to build a system for forecasting flights, which will assess the likelihood of their disruption. The system will analyse data from historical and current flights, which will be monitored in real time.
The last stage of the project will be to prepare market implementation of the solution.

‘The main challenge is to obtain diverse, global data - concerning the weather, flights, connection networks and even specific planes, as well as multi-language data from social media concerning events related to air traffic, and to next combine and process this data in real time. The project will utilize cutting-edge cloud data processing and of machine learning technologies’ said Paweł Miazek, the person responsible at GIVT for information technology projects and solutions, including the completion of the research project.

The GIVT technological platform was launched in Poland in 2017, and since June of this year it has been operating on over 30 European markets. From its very inception, it has been focused on innovativeness, continuously investing in the development of software supported by artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. Tens of thousands of passengers have already used GIVT's services. Currently, the company employs over 80 experts from many industries, including aviation, finance, modern technology, consulting, digital marketing and legal services.

Eurostat, Eurocontrol and FlightStats data show that GIVT’s potential market is about 15 million of passengers who face delayed or cancelled flights annually. It is estimated that the amount of compensation due to this group amounts to ca. EUR 5 billion.

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