Loco Gringo Helps Visitors Personalize Their Riviera Maya Vacations

From: Loco Gringo Inc
Published: Sun Mar 18 2018

Logo Gringo offers a unique experience to travelers planning a vacation to Riviera Maya. Their team of local experts offers recommendations on places to stay, restaurants, entertainment activities, and more.

"We cater to travelers looking for a unique and customized experience and aren’t interested in the typical touristy Riviera Maya vacations. Whether they’re looking to explore the ancient Mayan ruins or sample local food, our local experts make sure that travelers have an authentic experience," says a spokesperson for Loco Gringo.

The Loco Gringo’s team of local experts recommend hand-picked and verified vacation home rentals, hotels, villas and other accommodations to meet the traveler’s taste and budget. The team personally visits the places mentioned on their list to take photographs of the property and knows the owners/managers of these places.

"Many companies offering services similar to ours charge booking fees and pass along credit card fees. Since we do not charge booking fees, it costs less to book the same room with us," owner Kay Walten adds.

The team not only helps book accommodations, but also offers advice on places to eat, entertainment activities, shopping, local events and festivals worth taking part in, and even offers weekly podcasts on the latest local updates. The Loco Gringo Directory is a part of our concierge service and is very popular and has tons of resources for every Riviera Maya city.

"A visitor can pick and choose every little detail about their dream Riviera Maya vacation, including booking the right vacation rental and choosing entertainment activities. From taking a community tour to participating in a local festival or signing up for a cooking course with a local, our guide can arrange everything, he adds.

About Loco Gringo:

Loco Gringo was started by a team of enthusiastic travelers more than twenty years ago. The website and the company’s local experts help travelers plan their Riviera Maya vacations.

To learn more, visit https://www.locogringo.com/

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