Motor home is where the heart is for Derby family

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Published: Wed Apr 28 2010

Mark and Helen are a busy young couple with two daughters and like many working families are always looking forward to getting away from the routine of daily life and spending quality time together on holiday. For a couple of years the family had been holidaying in France, renting mobile homes. Having a holiday in a mobile home in this way was quite expensive which contributed to the Haddonsí decision to invest in their own vehicle. Helen said: "Because Mark managed to get a job soon after taking voluntary redundancy we had some extra money and we thought it would be a good idea to invest in our own motor home. The girls were still quite young, five and seven at the time and they loved the holidays we had taken in France when we rented a mobile home. Even though we did have extra cash it was still a really big step and we needed to be sure we were making the right decision."

The Haddons knew what they wanted from a motor home as they intended to make the most of their investment and use the vehicle throughout the year. With this in mind their wish list included a large living area to relax in, as well as a double bed above the cabin for the girls and all the usual cooking facilities.

The Haddons spent five months deliberating this important purchase and did a considerable amount of shopping around. They felt Peak Leisure Vehicles offered the best and most personal service, and they finally made the decision to go with the motor home recommended by them. Helen said: "We bought from Peak Leisure Vehicles because they were really patient and their approach was so personal; the after sales care has also been excellent. The vehicle we have got is an Elddis Autostratus and is perfect for our requirements. The great news is that motor homes retain much of their value, unlike cars, so as an all round investment it made total sense"

The Haddons use their motor home throughout the year and apart from taking advantage of the Peak District National Park - which is right on their doorstep - they use the motor home to take weekend breaks in cities around the UK. Helen said: "We had a great weekend in London over Christmas which would have normally been quite expensive but we stayed on a site which had great links into the city. We have also done a similar trip to Oxford and I feel we make much better use of our spare time now that we have the motor home. Itís so easy and inexpensive to plan a trip away, and it means that as a family we get real quality family time at the weekends whereas when you are at home you can get bogged down with domestic chores. We will be off for a weekend in the Peak District very soon and when we arenít using the van the girls use it like a glorified playhouse, so itís definitely been a worthwhile investment!" It has also been borrowed by family members, and has recently been taken on a tour of war memorials in Germany by Markís cousin, who found it to be the perfect way to travel for such a trip.

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