Debut travel author Thomas Lott releases new comedy travelogue, ‘The Diary of a Disgruntled Roman’

[UKPRwire, Sun Oct 13 2019] “Everyone has had a holiday where something goes wrong, it’s unavoidable. For me, everything did. I wish I could say that this book offers help in avoiding those disasters, but whilst it does offer a number of top tips, it was more of a cathartic process for me,” says Thomas Lott, speaking of the reasons behind publishing the book.

“Rather than stew in my room frantically typing out a catalogue of passive aggressive complaints, I thought I could turn my trip into something funny – I mean, we all laugh at someone stubbing their toe right? I could share my horrendous experiences in such a way that I’m inviting readers to laugh at my struggles, but I could also show people just how incredible Rome is, even when brutalised by misfortune.”

‘The Diary of a Disgruntled Roman’, a comedy travelogue from debut author Thomas Lott, takes traditional notions of holiday promotion and turns them on their head with his sarcasm-fuelled recollections of a trip to the cultural paradise of Rome, plagued with regular disaster.

From lost luggage, to overvalued accommodation; from freak weather to technological mishaps, Lott narrates his adventures through an intense prism of sarcasm, offering the reader a unique travel guide of Rome, tinged with an inescapable wry humour. The book outlines various sights that visitors would be foolish to miss, and offers top tips on things to look out for before you go.

Whilst the guide is inescapable in its tone of British sarcasm, it is evident from his recollections that Lott was taken in by the cultural paradise. As far as travel guides go this one is certainly different.
Be sure to get your copy of The Diary of a Disgruntled Roman, out on paperback and kindle on Amazon now.

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