With Rupee tumbling against USD, save big on online currency exchange

From: BookMyForex.com
Published: Wed Jun 29 2016

The timing could not have been worse for aspiring graduates, upwardly mobile businessmen and Indian families on holiday looking towards the US this season. With the rupee performing poorly against the USD this month, a lot of plans have been dealt a hit. It is clearly time to switch on the saving mode, right from the starting line when currency exchange into USD has to be organised. It is possible to get the maximum bucks out of a rupee by exchanging currency online at forex market places like BookMyForex for the best US Dollar rate today.

People are more familiar with banks, local money changers and travel agents doubling as currency exchange services for forex services. Here, they have little or no choice over what is offered to them in the name of currency exchange, a single US dollar rate for the day. In reality that is not the case as currency rates fluctuate all the time as per the intra bank currency rates and other market forces. So, these single "US Dollar rate today", exchange rates have been making a killing on your rupees with large margins to buffer all possible variations.

Recognising this dire need in the market, BookMyforex, Indiaís premier online forex service provider, has stepped in to fill the gap with their online services in this area. It started from being merely a low margin, cost effective currency exchange, and money transfer facilitator in 2012 offering great USD on live rates from some banks. Now, it has grown into a customer base of more than 1000,000 with a vast pool of banks and currency exchange institutions on its listings. This has allowed it to evolve into a forex marketplace module off late which is guaranteed to offer itís customers the absolute best US Dollar rate today with great savings.

To save on rupees during a USD exchange, book currency here online. This is the only platform available which allows you to exchange USD on live rates, which have little or no margin at all. At the moment their current Zero Margin campaign, on till Sept 30th, 2016, ensures you get what is offered in real time with no add-onís. Whatís more, when you exchange USD on live rates it is possible you are getting better rates than what you can get directly at these local brick and mortar outlets.

As the CEO Mr. Sudarshan Motwani explains, "Our proprietary application compares forex rates and service tracks record of all our channel partners and shows up the most suited bank or exchange company branch that offers the best rates in real time".

About BookMyForex

Launched in 2012 with a portfolio of a couple of banks and money changers, it has evolved into one of the largest forex marketplaces online. Their best rate guarantees together with complete transparency in foreign currency exchange with campaigns like zero margin etc. has made them a big hit with users. With tie-ups with leading banks and forex partners, they enjoy the largest distribution network in the country with over 5000 branches.

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