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Published: Mon May 24 2010

Abseiling up a waterfall, hiking over a mountain, or kayaking through the jungle is more than an adventure for participants in the "Travelling Classroom" in Venezuela, a gap year programme offered by tour operator TravelWorks - it’s the way to get to Spanish class.

TravelWorks’ Travelling Classroom programme mingles a series of Spanish lessons with a two or three-month outdoor adventure tour of Venezuela. Starting in Playa Colorada in Mochima National Park, the Classroom sets off for mountain hiking in Caripe National Park, kayaking in the Orinoco Delta jungle, and a Jeep safari in Gran Sabana and Roraima. In the meantime, students take part in a total of 100 or 150 Spanish lessons, meet local Warao and Pemon Indígenas people, and learn about various aspects of Venezuelan culture.

"The Travelling Classroom is ideal for language-interested Latin America fans who would like to experience Venezuela away from the regular tourist spots," says Stefanie Hargart, programme coordinator with TravelWorks. "Of course, participants need to be flexible, because language lessons really do not follow a strict teaching schedule. Physical fitness and endurance are also a must, as the excursions can be rather strenuous."

In the absence of set teaching schedules, class time springs up almost organically, fitting in between assorted escapades in the wilds of Venezuela. In addition to the language course and travel, the three-month programme concludes with a week of volunteer work.

For participants accustomed to staring out the window during language lessons, the Travelling Classroom brings a breath of fresh air to Spanish class, making for a unique adventure in an exotic destination.

"Although I have often been abroad in the past, I have never experienced such a wonderful time as I did in Venezuela," said former participant Nora Gröger. "A brilliant travel group and amazing guides and Spanish teachers made all the landscape and adventure Venezuela has to offer just perfect!"

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