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  • DSi midnight launch at GAME


    Exceptional pre-order demand for the Nintendo DSi prompts late night openings at GAME

    (Filed: Fri Apr 03 2009)
  • High-performance Digital Stage Piano launched by Gear4music

    On board the PL-650S Digital Stage Piano there are a total of 16 ultra high-resolution, stereo sampled sounds – the most available in this price bracket. Each sound has been carefully crafted to ensure a realism that will set it apart from other stage pianos currently on the market. The layering available on the PL-650S allows multiple sounds to be brought together, further extending the possibilities of this piano.

    (Filed: Wed Apr 01 2009)
  • Groundbreaking Live Music Website

    Announcing a Ground Breaking Music Experience. The Suite gives free 24/7 web access to well-known artists and talented newcomers thanks to its unprecedented and revolutionary broadcast website. From Folk to Hip-Hop, The Suite offers a new experience that allows fans to watch artists write, rehearse, record and perform intimate gigs.

    (Filed: Tue Mar 31 2009)
  • UK Musician in talks to have music ‘Sent to the Future’


    Clyde has been approached by The European Space Agency to be included in an experiment on par with The Hadron Collider to transmit music into the future over set orbital trajectories from a forthcoming satellite launch mission this April.

    (Filed: Mon Mar 16 2009)
  • thecentre:mk shopping centre : PORTRAIT OF GENIUS – ART EXHIBITION March 2009

    Milton Keynes Contemporary – WHITEWALL at, regional shopping destination, thecentre:mk presents a new work by British photographer Marko Dutka. The project is a collaboration with ‘classic’ model Daphne Selfe, a supermodel of her profession, entitled “Portrait of Genius” and runs from 21 March – 17 May

    (Filed: Fri Mar 13 2009)
  • Creativepool launches New online showreel website

    Gone are the days of design candidates simply posting their CVs online; Uploaded portfolios and showreels can now play a major role in designers getting their next professional job move within the design industry.

    (Filed: Thu Mar 12 2009)
  • Home security – taking care of your safety


    There is no such thing as a burglar-proof home, but home owners and renters can protect against an opportunistic thief by installing a few simple time delaying and noise making preventative measures around the house.

    (Filed: Tue Mar 10 2009)

    After a few decades of giving it a miss, the Eccentric Club members are gathering on 13th of March at 13 minutes past 7 for their traditional ceremonial “Friday the 13th” Dinner.

    (Filed: Sun Mar 08 2009)
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