Pioneers in the Sustainability Movement By Jeff Kiec

Fads come and go and by now we’ve all heard of the concept ‘going green’.Some may overlook this terminology as a short-term marketing fad. However, many global industry leaders recognized the economic advantages of going green and chose to become pioneers in the sustainability movement.


Biodiversity surveys carried out on Trees for Life’s Dundreggan Estate in Glen Moriston, Inverness-shire have so far identified 56 priority species for conservation – including some feared extinct in Scotland, the conservation charity announced as it became a partner in the United Nations’ International Year of Biodiversity.

Waste King in TV ads clear-up

Having helped in the making of the feature film - Re-Uniting the Rubins, a comedy drama starring Timothy Spall – by clearing up the various shooting locations after each day’s filming, the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, Waste King, has now done the same thing for the Soho-based film company, 2A Films.

Tough Energy Efficiency Standards for New Homes.

Housing Minister John Healey recently announced a new Standard for the energy efficiency of zero carbon homes. He proposed that energy efficiency should play a significant role in the delivery of zero carbon homes. He said that these new Standards signalled “...real momentum to change and radically rethink how we design our future towns and homes.”

Waste King publishes its pledges to environmentally friendly waste disposal

Waste King, the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, has publicly pledged its commitment to recycle a substantial and significant percentage of all the waste it collects from its customers – thus avoiding using the landfill option wherever possible. Moreover, it has promised that all the waste it collects is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Waste King supplies BBC local radio’s recycling experts

Andy Cattigan and Glenn Currie - the founders of the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, Waste King – bring their recycling and environmentally friendly waste management skills to radio on Monday 4th January, when they are the guests in ‘The Expert Hour’, part of Lorna Milton’s afternoon show on BBC Three Counties Radio.