Oil Theft: Statistics Show Rural Homes are Targets for Thieves

According to Which? approximately 1.1 million households in the UK aren't connected to the National Gas Grid and, instead, rely on heating oil stored in a tank to heat their homes. But this reliance on oil comes at a cost, as rural homes can become a target for thieves, who look to steal fuel - which can be worth thousands of pounds.

Is it the right time to set up a business in UK? - The SmartMove2UK

The SmartMove2UK, recognised by WWL as 2016 Corporate Immigration firm and Proud winner of IAE Corporate Immigration Law (India) award for 2016. With the public eye, constantly on The UK’s Brexit negotiations, investors from across the world are concerned if now is the right time to set up a business in the UK. Immigration lawyers certainly state that the answer depends. The SmartMove2UK has assisted different kinds of entrepreneurs and innovators in achieving their dream to set up a business in UK.

Chatsworth Practice Best of Financial Advice

The Chatsworth Practice is a family business of Independent Financial Advisers established 1984. Our principal objective is to help clients achieve their goals by having the right financial plan in place. We work mainly with professional clients in the South of England, with whom we develop long standing relationships, which in many cases last a lifetime.

The UK construction industry writes off £2bn annually of bad debt

In the wake of rising bad debts, UK’s Construction Industry is losing £2bn annually, approximately £10,000 per company. Often delayed payments, or settle with a significantly smaller amount when not paid for prolonged period; what causes these companies to write off bad debts completely. In turn, it is affecting the whole construction industry which should be taken care of immediately.