Best vinyl plank flooring

The deals you will get for the products you are interested in are very important when you want to decorate a house. If you are looking for solutions that will not blow your budget, floating cork floors can provide an answer. Paying the right price for the best vinyl plank flooring is important, but you have to put in a bit of effort to find the best deals.

Cork flooring with no middlemen

Making a profit is the goal of any business and they have to sell products at a higher price than what they are buying for. If you are interested in cork flooring, you want to get the best value for your money. The only way to achieve it is by finding the best cork tiles on the market for the lowest price you can pay, but you must cut out the middlemen.

Criteria for best basement flooring

When you want to make the right choice, you have to focus on a few criteria to guide you to it. If you are interested in the best basement flooring you can make the most of, first you have to figure out what you should expect and then determine the quality of your options. Soundproofing floors are the answer for what is on top of the basement.

The installation of cork flooring tiles

There are many different things you have to do when you want to engage in a certain project. If you are interested in cork flooring tiles for your bathroom, you have to focus on a proper installation. If you do not know how to do it, you can take the time to learn about it. The best bathroom flooring can be the result of your handy work in the end.


GSA, a global leader in purpose-built student accommodation, has formed a partnership with Star Asia Group, a boutique investment management group focused on Japanese real estate opportunities, to create the next generation of student accommodation in Japan. GSA Star Asia KK, a wholly-owend subsidiary of GSA Star Asia Japan Limited, has its headquarters in Tokyo and has been formed to create 20,000 beds for university students studying in Japan.


Being developed in conjunction with the government of Haryana, this residential complex gives new meaning to the term value based housing. The apartments will be allotted by a draw of lots – making sure that as soon as they are launched, the value of the property, including the retail centre, shoots up tremendously.