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  • One-Touch™ Single-Use Fluid Path Assemblies Enhance Operational Flexibility


    One-Touch™ Single-Use Fluid Path Assemblies Enhance Operational Flexibility Meissner’s One-Touch™ single-use fluid path assemblies are designed for secure fluid transfer in critical biopharmaceutical processing applications. The assemblies reduce process risk while providing an enhanced level of convenience that maximizes flexibility in the deployment of singleuse systems, as well as conventional systems.

    (Filed: Sat Feb 27 2010)
  • Onyx Scientific launches polymorph screening, solid-state chemistry services for pharmaceutical outs

    Onyx Scientifics’ state-of-the-art, solid-state laboraory and automated screening platform enables rapid and efficient optimization of the physical form of a new compound, particularly the polymorphic form, through polymorphic screening, which displays unique physicochemical properties that can affect bioavailability, manufacturability, stability and other performance characteristics of a pharmaceutical.

    (Filed: Fri Feb 05 2010)
  • Famous London eel is vanishing from the Thames | ZSL London Zoo

    Eel populations in the River Thames have crashed to alarmingly low levels, conservationists have revealed. Over the last five years scientists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) have recorded a 98 per cent drop in the number of European eels within the river.

    (Filed: Thu Jan 21 2010)
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