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  • Rewire Security announces a Major Software update for GPSLive

    One of the leading tracking systems supplies in the UK, Rewire Security, is updating its tracking platform GPSLive. The update includes new features such as Trip Log, detailed usage reports, and a new, user-friendly interface.

    (Filed: Mon Jul 23 2018)
  • Benefits of Telecoms Supermarket India

    Why telecoms supermarket? As we go to one of a kind places to take rate charges of various cellular phones or net connections, not handiest can we free time but also spend extra cash on gas and transportation and many others. even on on line contrast, we want to test specific websites and it is time eating and a few information might be published with the aid of fraudsters as well. the first-rate issue about telecom grocery store is all information being to be had at unmarried factor like a giant telecom fair happening at a unmarried website. furthermore, there's 24 x 7 customer support via web chat. a number of the big advantages of the telecom supermarket india are cited as beneath :

    (Filed: Wed Sep 27 2017)
  • GTT Partners with Prepay Nation for Enhanced Online Top-up

    GTT, Guyana’s only full-service telecommunication’s company has launched simpler access to its online top-up portal for prepaid customers. The new platform is supported by Prepay Nation, a United States Company.

    (Filed: Wed Mar 29 2017)
  • Make calls easily for inmates

    Having a family member or friend inside a jail can experience altogether defenseless. Next to the infrequent Inmate Calls From Jail or even take a look at, you could possibly think there may be very little that can be done to keep their people up.

    (Filed: Wed Dec 21 2016)
  • Suggestions To help Conserve Dollars for Prison Inmate Calls

    Maintaining touch along with cell phone is vital with the liked ones.We almost all be aware that it is so very important to live hold of these folks; nevertheless, you likewise discover how expensive such calls can be.

    (Filed: Wed Dec 21 2016)
  • 3 Outstanding Benefits of Having Outsourced NOC Support in India

    India is a booming economy with numerous outsourcing opportunities for worldwide businesses. It is a desperately important investment hub for any employer in the global scenario. This is the reason why a growing number of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) from across the world are choosing to have NOC support in India. This covers their daily IT support, maintenance & monitoring tasks. NOC is primarily responsible for monitoring systems to ensure seamless operations of company’s networks, coordinating network problems and changes, and managing domain names and IP addresses.

    (Filed: Thu Nov 03 2016)
  • Military Communications Market to Account over $40 Billion in Revenue by 2020 End

    The Military Communications Market Report says that market is expected to account for over $40 Billion in revenue by the end of 2020, with investments ranging from the adoption of multi-band and multi-mode tactical radio systems, to the integration of ad hoc networking platforms in unmanned vehicles.

    (Filed: Thu Sep 01 2016)
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